School Meals

Primary 1-3 pupils are provided with school meals free of charge.

Primary 4-7 pupils are charged for a school meal unless they qualify for Free School Meals.  Refer to the following link for helpful information:

Menu and information leaflets are provided to all Aberdeenshire school pupils and parents.  In addition, an online interactive menu is also available which displays menu recipe pages showing allergens and nutritional content.  This and other relevant information about school meals can be found by following the link:

Aberdeenshire Council provides an online payment service to primary schools that provides parents and carers with the convenience of making online payment with debit or credit cards for school meals.

Online payment is now the preferred way to pay for primary school meals, however cash and cheques will still be accepted.

Parents should be aware that they can request a special diet for their children if there are medical or religious reasons for doing so.  Children who require medically prescribed or modified diets should be identified during the admission process.

Any pupil who wishes to take a packed lunch on occasion may still do so.